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Hi! Many thanks for taking the time to visit my site and enjoying hopefully what I’m sharing to the world. 🙂

My name is “Ompong”, which is a nickname usually used in the Philippines to those whose real name is Rodolfo.  In “Bahasa” (language of Indonesia), I understand that “Ompong” means “toothless”… But I still have a good set of teeth, so far. LOL!

I’m also called “Jojo” since I’m a “Junior (Jr.)” of my Dad considering that I have his name. You may call me “Ompong” or “Jojo”… 🙂

By the way, did you know that our local dialect, “Tagalog”, has lots of words similar to Indonesian’s “Bahasa”?  That’s why most Filipinos can easily learn “Bahasa”.

I live in the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines where more than 25% of the country’s population are living and working, translating to approximately more than 25 Million Filipinos out of about 100 Million living in a region with an area of 640 square miles.



My interest is taking photos of what is happening on the streets. I like taking candid shots of people, buildings, roads, and other subjects, mostly in the city.  I take photos, sometimes, while driving… The traffic is so slow during rush hours here in the Metro of the Philippines that you can do snap shots while on the road because you’re in a complete stop most of the times.  I take photos wherever I am… As long as there is something that interests me. 🙂

Please do visit my Facebook page: http://facebook.com/photoniompong

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