Love at First Flash… The Godox TT350 for Canon!

I was using the Meike MK320 mini-flash and has initially found it as a lightweight speedlite solution to carry around every day just in case a “photo-worthy” opportunity presents itself. Although I find the Meike MK320 mini-flash suitable for most of my shooting conditions, there are cases where I need to “flash fill” my subject in an overly-lit background, short of overpowering the sun, and in this situation, the Meike MK320 lacks the high speed sync function to have a decent flash fill.

Then I was introduced to another mini-flash: A mini-flash with a high speed sync that is a little bit larger than the Meike MK320 but definitely still smaller and lighter than a regular speedlite… The Godox TT350 for Canon!


Believe it or not, my Samsung mobile phone with a dimension of about 6″ H x 3″ W (151.2 mm H x 79.2 mm W) is larger than the Godox TT350 which is only measured at about 5.5″ H x 2.5″ W (140mm H x 62mm W).

Image source: Godox Photo Lighting Solutions
A size comparison between Meike MK-320, the Godox TT350, and a regular speedlite.

Even at its size, the Godox TT350 is packed with all the features of a regular speedlite, such as:

  • TTL auto-flash, Manual flash, Multi flash
  • Auto/manual flash zoom from 24mm to 105mm
  • Front (1st) and rear (2nd) curtains plus high speed sync of up to 1/8000th of a second
  • Swinging and tilting flash head
  • A master or slave function in both wireless radio and optical modes.

In comparison with Meike MK-320’s guide number (GN) of 32 meters, the Godox TT350 has a guide number (GN) of 36 meters at full power at ISO 100 @ 105 meters, also powered by two AA batteries, which is about 50% of the flash power of regular speedlites with a GN of 60 powered by four AA batteries.  But believe me, the Godox TT350 is considerably adequate in most of the shooting conditions I’ve ever run into so far… except that: Let’s admit it… a speedlite of this size and flash power can’t really fully overpower the sun but is sufficient enough for simple portrait and small group shots on a sunrise, mid-day, and sunset backdrops.

For more details of what the Godox TT350 can do, feel free to visit the Godox website.

For an amateur photographer like me, a small-sized speedlite having a high speed sync flash fill at my disposal that I can carry anytime, anywhere is a plus factor.  I love the Godox TT350… it was actually “love at first flash”!

The Godox TT350 package comes with a pouch, an omni-bounce diffuser, and a hot shoe stand.

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