Street Sign: No Peeing

Believe it or not... We have a traffic sign that says, "No peeing" in one of our major roads called EDSA connecting all cities. We are indeed a pissful nation full of pissful citizens. Piss be with you all!

I am Proud of My Government!

A government vehicle with a plate number starting with "SFX" suddenly becomes "SEX" by placing the red plate sticker just at the spot where F will look like an E. A work of a genius and a very creative government employee. I can almost associate his work to Da Vinci's, really a work of art...... Continue Reading →

The Creative Blogger Award…

Tons of thanks to The Hut Owner Blog for nominating me to the Creative Blogger Award. Please do visit his blogsite and you will find what he shares awesome! Like any other awards which I have been nominated, I will be sharing 5 random facts about myself. Now is the time to show how creative... Continue Reading →

My 2nd Versatile Blogger Award…

I was nominated by Asil Acacio of Redefining Random for my second "Versatile Blogger" Award. It was indeed an honor to be nominated by a blogger such as Asil whose bright mind is so evident by the way he writes. Please do check his blogsite and you will definitely enjoy how he crafted what he... Continue Reading →

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

A lot of thanks to the The Hut Owner Blog for nominating me to the Dragon's Loyalty Award. He is one of the versatile blogger I follow... Visit his post and you will see what I mean! 🙂 Here are the rules for this award: 1. Accept award with thanks. 2. Give your readers 5... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Award

Before anything else, I would like to thank the SpiritKeepers of Seeing the Whisper for the Sunshine Award nomination. The SpiritKeepers blog revolves around poems and spiritual essays which you will find very interesting and wonderful to read. 🙂 The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the questions from the person who nominated... Continue Reading →

Free Style Writing Challenge: What Gives Me Joy?

A gauntlet has been thrown and I merrily accepted a challenge from a wonderful damsel, that is LadyLeeManila. The tournament that is called, "The Freestyle Writing" where warriors are armed with a keypad shielded by their blinking touchscreens in an iron-clad chair with only minutes to spare to unhorse your response to the challenge. Many... Continue Reading →

My Leibster Award…

A thousand thanks to Kirsty of the "Outside of the Coffee Cup" for nominating me to the Leibster Award... it is truly an honor to be nominated again by a blogger like Kirsty for an award like this. Lots of thanks, Kirsty! Now, to answer Kirsty's questions... 🙂 1. Would you rather be able to fly... Continue Reading →

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