Pinoy Sticky Rice Cake: Biko

Biko is a sticky rice cake which is all Filipino snack food or dessert. There are two main ingredients of biko, the kaning malagkit or sticky rice and coconut milk curd called latik. As I am writing this post, I am actually eating a slice of this biko I photographed...! Hehehe! Sarap! (Delicious in English)

The RSM Veranda at Tagaytay, Philippines

If you will have a chance to visit our beautiful country, drop by at RSM Lutong Bahay at Tagaytay, Philippines. This fine dine restaurant is famous for its local cuisines. My favorite is their "Bulalo" or bone marrow stew with tendons. The Taal Volcano view is amazing at their Veranda area... A plus in eating... Continue Reading →

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