“Bulalo at Patis na may Siling Labuyo”

I had a great game of golf earlier today... I won by just one stroke resulting to a free lunch of "bulalo" (beef stew with bone marrow). And of course, I cannot enjoy eating the free bulalo lunch without "patis" (local fish sauce) with several grams of "siling labuyo" (Philippine chili pepper with a hotness... Continue Reading →

Managing Washouts in your Photos…

I may be getting too technical about this but I just want to share to you, good folks, something that will make your photos more pleasing by reducing or totally avoiding that nasty "washouts" when you take a picture. In photography and the way I define it, "washouts" is related to that annoying "bright" background... Continue Reading →

The Leaves of Babel…

I dedicate this image to those devastated by the snow storms in North America, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. As one leaf dies, another shall grow anew to bring forth hope Life may be full of struggle and yet, it is worth living for Like a tree that may soon be barren of... Continue Reading →

My Brother and I…

My brother and I share a common interest in almost everything... How we both liked playing in our own band with him as the lead guitar and I as the drummer. We also have similar taste on music genre, which is of course, rock and new wave songs. We also like to drink the same... Continue Reading →

The Diminution of a Master!

There’s too many people now with Master’s degree and too many people now certified in blah-blah-blah! It has become an ordinary title to have with no more added value to those employers who know the trade!

Ika nga ni Ompong

Nowadays, we got new graduates with practically no work experience with a Master’s Degree and are asking for high salaries.

Nowadays, we have certified blah-blah-blah with no practical experience at all in the field where they were certified and are asking to undergo OJT.

Nowadays, as long as you have the extra cash and time, you can have a Master’s degree and all these certification blah-blah-blah with zero working experience.

Imagine yourself having a Master’s degree certified in blah-blah-blah working as a waiter instead… Because no one will hire you and your expectation of your starting salary is high, yet you don’t have the adequate practical work experience! Unless you’re planning to be a university professor, having a Master’s degree or certification of blah-blah-blah is no longer competitive nowadays if you don’t have the adequate working experience with it!

There’s too many people now with Master’s degree and too many…

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The Filipino Daredevils…!

Imagine this, you are driving along a major road in the Metro and then suddenly, a jaywalker darted in front of you missing him by a few inches on a road where there shouldn't be any pedestrian crossing the street in the first place! But we, Filipinos, are known as the most bravest people in... Continue Reading →

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