Scented oil…

Scent oil diffuser or scent oil burner? I prefer the old-fashioned oil burner with my favorite scent... Lavender! Soothes your nerve before sleeping! By the way, the candles in the white orbs are battery operated... they're not real candles and they are made in Japan! 😀

My Own Black Pearl Ship…!

I assembled 'tis scurvy pirate ship, me buckos... took me 'bout a week to complete it. 'tis actually made 'o tin 'n rather really difficult to assemble. Come on th' poop deck, let's be off to th' edge 'o th' earth!

The Game of Chess…!

Many countries claim to have invented the chess game in some incipient form. The most commonly held belief is that chess originated in India, where it was called Chaturanga, which appears to have been invented in the 6th century AD. Although this is commonly believed, it is thought that Persians created a more modern version... Continue Reading →

My daughter’s woodworks…

... These are carved pieces of wood which you join together to form something. It's really like a puzzle which you need to guess where a piece should go to. I think it took my daughter several days to have these four pieces assembled.

The Closet…

... Where your darkest fears linger! In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Creepy."

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