Morong, Bataan… Why not?

The Philippines is a country of beautiful beaches, being a nation of about 7,100 islands. Aside from Boracay Island and El Nido in Palawan (which are both known for their white-sand beaches), the beaches of Morong, Bataan will also seriously give Boracay and El Nido a run for their money.

During the morning low tide in one of Morong’s beaches, these corals are home to local sea-gulls hunting for sea-dwelling creatures which they can eat which may have ran aground.
People visiting Morong’s beaches can ride a boat to visit an island near Bataan. It is about Php200 per head (about US$4 at Php50:US$1).


One of the picturesque view of Morong, Bataan.
I initially thought these were just stones but it turned out, it was a corral reef!
The inviting waters of Morong’s beaches.

Morong, Bataan is about 100 kilometers away from Metro Manila passing through Subic Bay Freeport Zone (See Map of Morong, Bataan) and has hundreds of beach hotels and resorts.

Since it was a non-working holiday in the Philippines last February 16, 2018 because of the Chinese New Year (belated Kung Hei Fat Choy to everyone…), my family and I went up to Morong, Bataan and stayed at Phi-Phi Beach Hotel for the long weekend.

Phi-phi Beach Hotel and Island Resort
The pretty smiles of Phi-phi πŸ™‚
The adult swimming pool for those who don’t want to swim at the beach
The kid’s pool
A look of the Phi-phi Hotel from the beach
A look of the Phi-phi Hotel from the beach

We were lucky to have one of the suite rooms with the best view of the ocean and the setting of the sun. If you’ll ask me what I think about Phi-phi Beach Hotel, it would be best if you could visit the place and experience it yourself. The only thing I can say is, “It’s one of the best places to be in Morong, Bataan…” πŸ™‚


Of course, there are some ambulant local vendors walking along the beach as well who gamely posed for a photograph…

And yes, I’ll go back to Morong, Bataan to enjoy its beaches again!

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