I miss you all…!

Sorry for my long absence in our community, my friends... Been busy setting up my team for a big client project. I'll catch up with you all as soon as I get back to my old routine next month! Cheers! Photo taken last Oct. 3, 2015! Sorry for the face, it was meant to "scare"... Continue Reading →

The Golden Boy… And that’s Me!

Yup, I'm now 50 years old, technically half a century's old! Sorry if the picture is blurry... I'm so excited to share with you how old I am that I didn't wait for the pictures captured by our official photographer for the event (who is my cousin who has his own photo studio). I'll soon... Continue Reading →

My Birthday…!

I apologize for not being around... It's my birthday yesterday, October 2 (Manila Time). I'm spending sweet time with my folks and family so less time for blogging... As of now! 🙂 Many thanks in advance for your greetings!

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