Paranoia is a mindset that someone out there is a threat, someone is out there to get you...! Although it is an irrational behavior sometimes, paranoia is a thought process usually taught to "spies", assassins, and the Secret Service agents themselves to put these people on "high alert" at all times.  But to ordinary citizens... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: The Enforcer Under Heat

Yup, it's "super-duper" mega hot in the city of Metro Manila nowadays, even with the forecasted typhoon entering the Philippine area of responsibility (PAR) on Wednesday this week which is expected to bring showers during the weekend. As you can see, a traffic enforcer of the Pasig City (one of the cities in the Metro... Continue Reading →

Vlad Dracul’s Tower

I often see the top of this building every time I pass Makati Avenue going to Paseo De Roxas going home. The design of its uppermost floor, which I find "eerie", reminds me of Vlad Dracul's castle... Vlad Dracul, the Impaler, where the Dracula myth came from. I used a 270mm lens in manual focus... Continue Reading →

Good Morning and Yet Good Night

The sun has risen in Asia... Surrounded by the clouds, its morning glory has finally reached this part of the world (it takes about 8 minutes before sunlight reaches earth... Ergo, the light we see in the sky is always "late"). Though it may be still noon or early evening in the other parts of... Continue Reading →

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