The Ultimate Commune…

... Is to meditate while sitting on a rock and breathing the ocean air with the sea and the sky in plain view. The setting sun on top of your head makes one wonder how awesome our planet really is! Photo courtesy of a friend, Olga Uy. Her daughter, Abby Uy, is the girl in... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Wheel Loader

This is the third puzzle I've assembled in the Construction Equipment Series of Scholas, the maker of this toy puzzle. It took me more time to assemble this piece because I was also watching "The Tourist" movie starred by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie at the same time and cannot really focus in solving this... Continue Reading →

The Limited Edition Php5 Coin

The Php5 coin commemorating the 70th Leyte Gulf Landing... Don't spend it if you have one as this coin is Limited Edition only and may be a collector's item in the future! The Leyte Gulf-landing coin has a diameter of 27 mm. Its obverse side has the image of the Leyte Landing Memorial Monument on... Continue Reading →

My Sketch of a Woman…

I drew this image using my Android's Sketchbook. We were actually in a resort when I saw this woman wearing a two piece bikini having herself photographed by one of her friends. Good thing my photographic memory is operational that time and as soon as I got hold of my Android, I sketched her using... Continue Reading →

Only in the Philippines…

... Where shoppers line up waiting for their belongings to be checked and for their body to be frisked when entering a mall! That's how inept the law enforcement is in the country where crimes are rampant on the streets and inside the malls. And believe it or not, the Philippines is the only country... Continue Reading →

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