Clark Museum… Visiting the Past and World War 2!

During our 25th wedding anniversary last month, my kids treated us for a visual and cultural experience. Yap, you heard it right... all expenses paid by my kids. And my daughter even volunteered to be our driver from Manila to Clark and vice versa which has a distance of about 160 kilometers in total. My... Continue Reading →

A Riddle: Why do women buy exercise machines which they won’t use anyway?

My wife bought this treadmill and elliptical exercise machine about two years ago. And you know what, it has been sitting in our balcony for the past two years and she only used it twice. That's only once every year on the average. I think I'll gonna have to sell this on eBay... And tag... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Wheel Loader

This is the third puzzle I've assembled in the Construction Equipment Series of Scholas, the maker of this toy puzzle. It took me more time to assemble this piece because I was also watching "The Tourist" movie starred by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie at the same time and cannot really focus in solving this... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Roller

To those who have seen my previous blogs on 3D puzzles, this is my third puzzle, a Roller. So far, I have assembled a Ford T 1908 model and a dump truck. I had some difficulties assembling the roller itself as the parts are a little bit tiny... But no problem, some care in handling... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Dump Truck

One of the good things about having photography as a hobby is... It gives you a good reason to play with toys and the wife will not tease you! I'm back into assembling puzzles and this time, I got me a dump truck! Whoa, and the dump bin is even movable... It is really fun... Continue Reading →

Monster Car…

Sometimes I wish that I have this kind of a monster machine as a car every time I drive in Manila's worsening traffic situation... Where buses and jeepneys load and unload passengers right in the middle of the road, where undisciplined motorists overtake in a "no overtake road", block the intersection, and counterflow where it... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Ford T (1908)

One of the things I like to do during my spare time at home is to solve 3D puzzles, aside from solving the Rubik's Cube and Sudoku, drawing and sketching, and playing the guitar and drums. So, I bought a 3D puzzle by Scholas for ages 8+. I'm 8+, in fact I'm past 8x6 so... Continue Reading →

I can’t think of a title for this photo…

... Maybe "Hide and Seek"? Because the subjects appear to be hiding behind the trees? Or how about "Orange and Greens"? Naaah, there is a blue tone in the background and it sounds too poetic to name a non-poetic imagery. What about just plain "The Machine"? Really? That sounds so much boring! Aaah, the heck... Continue Reading →

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