What’s in a Yawn?

It depends... One's yawn can have a bad breath while others may have grizzly hairs stuck between their teeth as leftovers of a carnivore's meal!

This is odd…

There's definitely something odd and weird about this vehicle! Have you also noticed it? Aha! It has no plate number...! That's why it's odd and weird!

The Fruits of Labor…

Literally, the fruits of labor! Name all the fruits in the photos and you'll receive a one year supply of mangoes on my account... Of course, they will be inside a photo! Were you expecting real mangoes? 🙂 I apologize for not posting or viewing your blogs consistently nowadays. I'm out of town on vacation... Continue Reading →

I need a second opinion!

My doctor advised me to take Centrum SILVER, vitamins for 50 years of age and up, instead of the Centrum that I usually take since decades ago. I feel like I'm in the 30s and I bet you, I can still perform like a 30 year old... No violent reactions please! But my doctor keeps... Continue Reading →

Street Sign: No Peeing

Believe it or not... We have a traffic sign that says, "No peeing" in one of our major roads called EDSA connecting all cities. We are indeed a pissful nation full of pissful citizens. Piss be with you all!

The Corporate R2D2…

Do you know what R2D2 is doing if he is not in a movie shoot? Of course, he has a day job. He is the Corporate Head of a group in charge of sanitation in a muti-national coffee franchise. You may not recognize him because he is in a corporate suit all in black minus... Continue Reading →

The Filipino Daredevils…!

Imagine this, you are driving along a major road in the Metro and then suddenly, a jaywalker darted in front of you missing him by a few inches on a road where there shouldn't be any pedestrian crossing the street in the first place! But we, Filipinos, are known as the most bravest people in... Continue Reading →

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