My Matchbox…

Why does the brain perceives a subject as miniature if the background was blurred in a certain fashion like this one? The truck is actually real, folks... It is not a matchbox.

This is odd…

There's definitely something odd and weird about this vehicle! Have you also noticed it? Aha! It has no plate number...! That's why it's odd and weird!

The Corporate R2D2…

Do you know what R2D2 is doing if he is not in a movie shoot? Of course, he has a day job. He is the Corporate Head of a group in charge of sanitation in a muti-national coffee franchise. You may not recognize him because he is in a corporate suit all in black minus... Continue Reading →

What does UV stand for?

I guess some of you may be wondering what UV means in "UV Express Service". Here's the deal, the " UV Express Service " is one of the passenger services in Manila carrying you straight from one point to another point with no stops. It can usually carry around 15 to 18 passengers all crammed... Continue Reading →

The Mountain with the Burning Bushes!

Why do brains sometimes interpret a symbol differently from its original meaning? Believe it or not, what I see is a mountain with a burning bush on both sides of its slopes. Was it the way the symbol was drawn or the way I just focused on the symbol disregarding the other cues around it... Continue Reading →

The She-Tree!

Along the sidewalk of the Mandarin Hotel facing Paseo De Roxas in Makati's financial district, a tree has caught my eye. Depending from which angle you are looking at the tree, it will appear that this tree is mimicking a woman with one of her arms stretched towards the sky. Did this tree peeked inside... Continue Reading →

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