Walking the Sleep…

Can dreams be a reality? Can reality be just a dream? Which one provides tranquility? Which one would make you scream? Inspired by: Two Worlds by Vonita

The Sound of Death…!

The piano bars in black and white; The lyrics sang its last good night; Her ghost float above the light; Cryin'... she's gone out of my sight! The music played its crying breath; Can't hear a sound, am I going deaf?; The piano's dying note in length; Soundless... wrapped in the cloak of death!

The Leaves of Babel…

I dedicate this image to those devastated by the snow storms in North America, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. As one leaf dies, another shall grow anew to bring forth hope Life may be full of struggle and yet, it is worth living for Like a tree that may soon be barren of... Continue Reading →

The Seesaw…!

A seesaw is like that we all call "love"; We also know that it takes two to tango; A pair of shoes it is not when one foot is bare; And an I would be boring if it is without You! Riding a seesaw like a lone ranger; Is like swimming without any water; Is... Continue Reading →

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