Nuong bata pa ako…!

I sometimes miss these days... ... Nuong sumasabit ako sa dyip habang may sumisigaw ng "... Valiches, Novaliches"! ... Nuong umaangkas ako sa traysikel na kakalog-kalog dahil sa lubak na daan! ... Nuong sumusundot ako ng pisbol sa kalyeng mausok at maalikabok at isasawsaw sa sukang punong-puno ng naiwang pisbol na lumulutang pa! ... Nuong... Continue Reading →

Abby Uy… A Budding Street Photographer! There's a new girl in town... and oh boy! Her photographs really caught my eye.  I have featured one of her photographs which shows a dramatic image which made use of colors amid a dark, woody foreground. The image above is an artsy photograph of a concert with the band members placed inside a... Continue Reading →

The Filipino Daredevils…!

Imagine this, you are driving along a major road in the Metro and then suddenly, a jaywalker darted in front of you missing him by a few inches on a road where there shouldn't be any pedestrian crossing the street in the first place! But we, Filipinos, are known as the most bravest people in... Continue Reading →

Would you drink what he will serve to you…?

I don't mind having a half-naked person serving me a coconut "juice drink" who pays taxes and works hard for everything he earns under the searing heat of a mid-day sun amidst the smoke belching buses and dyipnis. Compared to those people doing nothing (and yet, have almost everything) wearing expensive "Barong Tagalogs" sitting in... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Manila Streets…!

Manila is always swarming with ambulant vendors but this vendor of pillows and towels along a road in Manila caught my attention...! In a day's work, the vendor may just probably earn about US$3 which is enough to buy her family a meal consisting of a bowl of rice and a handful of noodles mixed... Continue Reading →

Creepy or funny…

... If you saw a man with his head looking like it is inside another man's butt! Remember the prison scene where Hancock (the movie starring Will Smith) shoved the head of a prisoner to another prisoner's butt? In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Creepy."

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