Isaw-isaw (Grilled Chicken Intestines)

This popular street food in the Philippine is what we call the "Isaw-isaw" or plainly, a grilled chicken intestine for the un-oriented. You see, nothing is wasted in our country. We eat everything in a chicken... its head, its organs, its blood, and even its feet. And believe it or not, we call the chicken... Continue Reading →

Presentation Counts…

Food Porn 101: It's how the food is presented that counts... rather than how it taste like. My lunch for today... if I could only share this with you! :D:D:D

Chiz Curls… Have a bite!

This delicious and yummy bundle of cooked curled cheeze made by Jack & Jill is one of the famous snacks in the Philippines. I was about 5 years of age when I first tasted this. But beware, your fingers will turn into orange! Have a bite...! This pack of goodies is for my friend, Julz.... Continue Reading →

Two of my most favorite dessert…!

Based on my latest count, there are a thousand culinary sweet assortments that are called "desserts"... Though I don't know why the desserts are called "desserts" and why they should be sweet and why they should be usually eaten after a meal. Well, I don't care about these eating etiquettes, I eat my "dessert" anytime... Continue Reading →

How Hot It can Get?

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili hot sauce...! A friend of mine who went on tour abroad gave me this hot sauce. She knew that I am fond of chilis and hot sauces and she did some research on what's the hottest chili in the world and this is what she brought me. She is really... Continue Reading →

The Fruits of Labor…

Literally, the fruits of labor! Name all the fruits in the photos and you'll receive a one year supply of mangoes on my account... Of course, they will be inside a photo! Were you expecting real mangoes? 🙂 I apologize for not posting or viewing your blogs consistently nowadays. I'm out of town on vacation... Continue Reading →

Squid, is it a forbidden food?

One of my favorite seafood without any scales, the Squid! It is really deliriously delicious! I hope I am not offending anyone... but I would just like to know why was the squid treated as an "unclean" food by an ancient tribe of nomads and sheep herders? I understand as well that the squid is... Continue Reading →

The All-American Hotdog

Did you know that "sausages" are the oldest processed food and was even mentioned in Homer's Odyssey in the 9th century B.C.? "As early as the 1880s, people used to call sausages “dogs”, due to the fact that people never knew exactly what meat was included in the sausages they were buying. Around that time,... Continue Reading →

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