3D Puzzle: Roller

To those who have seen my previous blogs on 3D puzzles, this is my third puzzle, a Roller. So far, I have assembled a Ford T 1908 model and a dump truck. I had some difficulties assembling the roller itself as the parts are a little bit tiny... But no problem, some care in handling... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Dump Truck

One of the good things about having photography as a hobby is... It gives you a good reason to play with toys and the wife will not tease you! I'm back into assembling puzzles and this time, I got me a dump truck! Whoa, and the dump bin is even movable... It is really fun... Continue Reading →

3D Puzzle: Ford T (1908)

One of the things I like to do during my spare time at home is to solve 3D puzzles, aside from solving the Rubik's Cube and Sudoku, drawing and sketching, and playing the guitar and drums. So, I bought a 3D puzzle by Scholas for ages 8+. I'm 8+, in fact I'm past 8x6 so... Continue Reading →

My daughter’s woodworks…

... These are carved pieces of wood which you join together to form something. It's really like a puzzle which you need to guess where a piece should go to. I think it took my daughter several days to have these four pieces assembled.

My US$40 Product Studio…

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a home product studio. I got mine for only US$40 (or about Php1,600). I got my light tent for only US$20 at a local computer store selling cheap electronics and consumer devices made in China. The light tent is portable and can be folded smaller... Continue Reading →

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