Departing Las Vegas at 5:30AM

Did this photo made you feel like you're "actually" sitting inside an airplane looking out at the window viewing the landscape below? Visit Vegas Valley Photo and you will find great compilation of photos combined with artsy features which only John, the owner of this great site, can do! Source: Departing Las Vegas at 5:30AM


Emmanuel always makes me laugh with his funny jokes... if you are stressed out and want something that will take it away, try Emmanuel's blog! He is like a standup comedian but using his blog site to make his reader laugh! 🙂

Winter Outings – Australian Steam & Locomotive Museum Pt 2

For those of you who love locomotive toys and those whose hobby is to collect toy trains, you might want to check this out… the photos are really awesome.

Julie Powell - Photographer & Graphic Artist

Last week I did a post about the Australian Steam and Locomotive Museum,but I did not put in any images of the Model Railways, I just had so many. So this week I thought I would do another post just on the model railway. It has all been built by hand and there was such a collection. I do not really know anything about model trains, so I wont even try to dumb my way through it. However the gentleman was very helpful and let me over the railings with my tripod, he stopped and started the trains whenever I wish and placed various items as I wished – it was great. He patiently answered all of Moth’s questions, they happily chatted away, while I happily clicked away 🙂

Anyway not much more to say, so I will just leave you with a gallery of some of the images…

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The Full Moon Rising…

I saw the full moon tonight hiding under the cover of the clouds… And I remembered my “The Full Moon Rising” photo which I took last March of this year… 🙂

Photo ni Ompong


The scene was magnificent… But mixed with an eerie color that seems to forebode horror!

It was about 6PM and I was at the Guadalupe Bridge in the City of Makati on my way home.

As the Sun was setting on the West, I saw the moon rising near the East. The reddish aura of the setting Sun made an eerie “blood red” color from where the moon was rising…

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