Two of my most favorite dessert…!

Based on my latest count, there are a thousand culinary sweet assortments that are called “desserts”… Though I don’t know why the desserts are called “desserts” and why they should be sweet and why they should be usually eaten after a meal. Well, I don’t care about these eating etiquettes, I eat my “dessert” anytime I want to eat it.

Nobody can stop me from eating it before a meal…! Nobody can stop me from eating it way past bed time…! And definitely, nobody can stop me from eating it if my sweet tooth is craving for it. By the way, where the hell is our “sweet tooth”? All of my teeth don’t have any taste at all, unless if there’s a decaying meat lodged in there for a week without toothbrushing or flossing! Is one of your tooth sweeter from the rest of your teeth?

Anyway, I just want you to crave and drop your jaw with envy knowing that I am now eating two of my favorite dessert… the Ferrero dark chocolate and “Sansrival“!



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  1. I love sansrival ! ! We had that when we were in the Philippines/ My mother ordered slices for us at a coffee shop . She said it ‘s a favorite by Filipinos, and by the way, we can’t find that here in the US.

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