Four Photos, Four Stories (1st Season)


The Unexpected Loot
(Reader’s Discretion is Advised…!)

Chapter 1: The Woman

The woman just came from a province South of the city riding on a bus. Tired and hungry from her 12 hour journey by land, she scans the city for a cheap place to eat as she only has twenty pesos in her purse.

The city is in a state of hustle and bustle which is a usual sight during this hour on this day of the week. Unsure where her feet will lead her, she sat on a sidewalk bench to rest her aching feet that had gone inflamed as she had walked almost a kilometer from the bus terminal in search of a place where she can buy something to eat for twenty pesos. As she sat, she placed her ragtag smelly plastic bag behind her.

Chapter 2: The Man

A man, who has followed the woman from the terminal, has kept his eye on the plastic bag. He has spent hours waiting at the terminal to pick the day’s victim as his daily trade is to snatch the belongings of unwary passengers who appear to be first-timers in the city. When he saw the woman alighting from the bus holding tightly the bulky plastic bag, he knew that she is his today’s victim!

As soon as the woman placed her plastic bag behind her, the man saw it as a chance for him to take it as his prize… Slowly, he inched his way towards the bench mindful of the people around that may notice his intention.

Chapter 3: The Loot

When the woman looked away distracted by a commotion between a passenger and a bus driver nearby, the man quickly darted forward and grabbed the plastic bag. As the plastic bag was quite old and worn from use, his sudden jerk of the bag tore its bottom and something fell and rolled from the bag.

The people around screamed when they saw what rolled out of the plastic bag… A baby’s head covered in red sticky blood! The man stood on his tracks… stunned, when he finally realized what it was. Suddenly he saw the world around him spinning and then… Total darkness!

The woman had cleanly cut the head of the man who tried to take her ragtag smelly plastic bag. With the people standing motionless to see what had just transpired, the woman quickly picked up the baby’s head and the man’s head and sped away… With no one running after her! The people were all afraid that they might suffer the same fate which the man had if they come after the woman.

Safely tucked in a dark corner of a street unseen by the passersby, the woman took the baby’s head and using her sharp knife, took the baby’s eyes and picked its brain out on the pavement… And she slowly ate the red matter while sipping on the liquid coming from the baby’s eyes. She looked at the man’s head, with its eyes still open, and said, “I will save you for my next meal…!”

A lot of thanks to Lou of Taking A Deep Breath for nominating me to the “Four Photos, Four Stories” challenge. πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Four Photos, Four Stories (1st Season)

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  1. be a horror story writer, Bro ! 2nd season … a woman in chastity belt which opens only if she is in the act being rape and closes when the instrument has already penetrated and cuts it in the process… (buwahhhhhhhhhh) πŸ™‚ joke! hahahah…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’ll have it worn by you in my story… Hahaha! And you’re inside a cell block in bilibid with several sex starved inmates! Hahaha! Joke lang, bro! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gee, I didn’t realize you could spin a horror story out of an innocent looking photo. That was a totally unexpected twist. I thought there would be a snake from the bag.

    Thank you Ompong for joining. I can’t wait what would your imagination come up with for the second photo. It is actually five photos/five stories. But 4 is fine.

    Liked by 2 people

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