City Sunset on EDSA

Yup, it is really difficult or quite impossible to photograph a decent picture of sunsets if you're living in the city like me.  The Philippine​ metropolis like Manila, Makati, Quezon City, and Caloocan, to name a few, are cities heavily saturated with high rise buildings, malls , hanging power lines and cables like spaghettis on your... Continue Reading →

Street Sign: No Peeing

Believe it or not... We have a traffic sign that says, "No peeing" in one of our major roads called EDSA connecting all cities. We are indeed a pissful nation full of pissful citizens. Piss be with you all!

Rat Race in the City…

... I envy those living in the rural areas. Traveling around the city has always been a pain. Did you know that the Philippines is 3rd place in the world for having the worst traffic management? Believe it or not, it will take you more than an hour to travel a distance of 5 kilometers... Continue Reading →

Monster Car…

Sometimes I wish that I have this kind of a monster machine as a car every time I drive in Manila's worsening traffic situation... Where buses and jeepneys load and unload passengers right in the middle of the road, where undisciplined motorists overtake in a "no overtake road", block the intersection, and counterflow where it... Continue Reading →

The Roadster’s Convenience Store…

Stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic? No problem, you can buy snacks and soft drinks without leaving your car in one of the roadside convenience stores scattered everywhere in Metro Manila. And there's more... You can actually "reuse" the bottle! Why not? It's a mobile urinal just in case the humongous traffic will not let you... Continue Reading →

Raging Inferno…! (Multiple Photos)

As of writing this post, a fire is ongoing in the northern sector of Metro Manila. I googled to check where this is exactly but there is no internet news yet about this raging inferno. Wishing all those people in this area safe...!

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