The Bonifacio Global City…!

Bonifacio Global City, like the Makati Central Business District, has high volume traffic roads that best describe what "hades" is. Good heavens... I mean, bad hell! (Or is it "bad heavens, good hell"?) This is one of the places that I normally don't want to visit unless it is really necessary... Like when I have... Continue Reading →

I can’t think of a title for this photo…

... Maybe "Hide and Seek"? Because the subjects appear to be hiding behind the trees? Or how about "Orange and Greens"? Naaah, there is a blue tone in the background and it sounds too poetic to name a non-poetic imagery. What about just plain "The Machine"? Really? That sounds so much boring! Aaah, the heck... Continue Reading →

Revving up the ISO…

This shot was taken at about 8PM and the roads were quite dim with only the street lights and the headlights from cars illuminating the road. I have revved the ISO at 12K with a shutter speed of 0.25 of a second. I find the image, although with recognizable "noise", quite acceptable and it looked... Continue Reading →

EPAL, a Politician’s Name Game…!

To-date, the anti-EPAL bill or the Senate Bill (SB) 54 re Anti-Signage of Public Works Bill, which was written and advocated by Sen. Miriam Santiago way back in 2011, is still not passed into a law by the House of Representathieves. In Quezon City alone, we see thousands of public works where the names and... Continue Reading →

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