The Tagalog Word “Diyos” (god)… Where did it come from?

One of those things that is good to know…

Ika nga ni Ompong

​Ever wondered where the Tagalog word “diyos” (god in English) came from?

The word “diyos” had its roots in the Latin word “deus” (pronounced as de-yus) which means a god or a deity. The Latin word “deus” can also be translated as “dies” (Latin; pronounced as di-yes) or Sun in English.

The ancients worshipped the Sun as a god. In the Grecian Pantheon of Gods, they had Zeus as the primary god of Olympus which was also seen as the Sun-God. Many scholars believe that the word “Zeus” was the origin of the Latin word “deus”. Yup, they’re actually phonetically similar.

The early Spaniards, who invaded the Philippines, said the mass in Latin which used the word “deus” to mean a god. The Filipinos later on adopted the Latin word “deus” as part of their language, pronounced as “di-yos”, to mean “god”. And that’s where the Tagalog word “diyos” came…

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All year round Christmas Store…

If Michigan has the Bronner's Christmas Wonderland which sells Christmas items all year round in Frankenmuth, the Philippines has the Gilmore Street in San Juan where some stores sell the same items 360 days a year. I just wonder, are the prices the same or is it much lower during non-Christmas season?

The Funny Syllable “Ba”…!

In the Philippine national language which is Tagalog, there is one syllable when repeated, means a lot of things... The syllable "Ba"! For example, if you say... ... "Bababa ba?', it means "Will you alight?" or "Will it go down?". ... "Bababa!" means "I will alight!" or "I will go down!" ... "Baba" means two... Continue Reading →

This is odd…

There's definitely something odd and weird about this vehicle! Have you also noticed it? Aha! It has no plate number...! That's why it's odd and weird!

Just sharing some tournament moments…

I hope you don't mind... I just want to share my "fun" moments in this year's tournament sponsored by Smart Infinity, one of the big local mobile network carriers in the Philippines. I am looking forward to next year's tournament again...!

Why playing golf can hurt you…!

Playing golf is one of my passions. And playing in tournaments has its own merits even if you don't win. But I'll probably have one of my golf clubs replaced... It will surely be broken or messed up after my wife hit my head with it if she saw these photos! Ouch!

Street Sign: No Peeing

Believe it or not... We have a traffic sign that says, "No peeing" in one of our major roads called EDSA connecting all cities. We are indeed a pissful nation full of pissful citizens. Piss be with you all!

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