Philippines: The Ortigas Flyover on a Cloudy Day

I am really lagging behind in checking out the amazing blogs of those that I am following. My busy schedule will soon be over and I will again have some sweet time reading the wonderful blogs of my friends in the virtual blogworld. Missing you all...! And just to have the blogworld know that I'm... Continue Reading →

El Niño Sunset in Manila

It would have been a perfect shot if not for the power cables that are visibly hanging all over Metro Manila... Anyway, our country, the Philippines, is currently experiencing a phenomena called "El Niño"... An unusually warm ocean temperatures in our part of the world. And adding that up to the dry season we have... Continue Reading →

To swim or to campaign…?

The "floaters"... Yap, summer is here and swimming is trending. But Filipinos are more concerned nowadays in campaigning for their candidates for the upcoming elections in May this year. By golly, that would be next month on May 9. Campaign success stories are sometimes true but often than not, social media users are spreading fake... Continue Reading →

My Matchbox…

Why does the brain perceives a subject as miniature if the background was blurred in a certain fashion like this one? The truck is actually real, folks... It is not a matchbox.

The Kiddie Horse…

Do you still remember the last time you rode a kiddie horse like this one? Do you miss doing it? Do you want to do it again? Don't ask me... I tried riding it but the crew told me that I'm too old and too heavy to be on a kiddie horse like this one!... Continue Reading →

The Gravity Defying Car…

I saw this mini-cooper that appeared like it was defying the law of gravity. This reminded me of the gravity-defying cars in Universal Studios, Hollywood. Will I still be alive when the time comes that the hover cars we usually see in science fiction movies become a reality?

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