Of Lanterns and Colors…

Before my wife starts to bring down and re-pack our holiday lanterns, I just thought of taking several photographs of it. I used my "nifty fifty" to have a bokeh background. Why are the holiday lanterns usually in color? I know it represents the "star" in Bethlehem but the star was just plain white or... Continue Reading →

Pinay Mestisa…

Nowadays, there are no more pure blooded Filipinos. The winner of Miss Universe, our very own Miss Philippines, is a half-blood German and a Filipina being born in Germany with a German father, of course, and a Filipina mother. Technically, she is not a citizen of the Philippines but is a Phil-German. I'm also half-blood... Continue Reading →

Quotes that were never been really said by famous people Day 2

One of the famous quotes that fathers tell their son about the virtue of honesty was a story concerning the young George Washington when he cut a cherry tree from a biography written by Parson Mason Weems. Many Americans believed that the young George Washington said it since Washington was known for his honesty. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Paris 11/13… The aftermath and the Analysis!

It was a very interesting day reading the global news around the world, including the French news as part of the process of unfolding who and why Paris was attacked. Summarizing all these independent mainstream news, there were three scenarios that came into play. 1. ISIS did it with one suspect allegedly saying, "I am... Continue Reading →

The Terrorist-Free Countries in Asia…

Based on a study made by the Institute of Economics and Peace for 2014, Vietnam and Singapore were the Asian countries with the least terrorist attacks or none at all last year. The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as... Continue Reading →

Terrorists Killed 2,000 People in Nigeria Back in Early 2015. So Why Doesn’t the World Care?

"Terrorists attacks on the West, and against non-Muslims in particular, are sensationalized in the media while those afflicting non-Westerners and Muslims are normalized and treated as business as usual, generating limited public interest and, in turn, limited outcry from activists and institutions that could actually affect change." Source: http://m.mic.com/articles/108192/terrorists-killed-2-000-people-in-nigeria-last-week-so-why-doesn-t-the-world-care#.NVsMpDIya

What’s with the Christmas Tree?

In the Philippines, most of the malls have started putting up Christmas trees and holiday ornaments in the month of September. For decades, I still can't connect what the tree, the ornaments, and the red and green colors got to do with Christmas. I've read a lot about the origins of these holiday ornaments but... Continue Reading →

Where will I be without you?

In celebration of the Grandparents' Day, me and my family spent our entire weekend with my 95 year old grandma, Lola Mamang as we call her, back in her hometown where I was born. "Lola" is the Tagalog word for grandmother. Of course, I dropped everything... The reason why I was offline in the bloggers'... Continue Reading →

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