Only in the Philippines…

... Where shoppers line up waiting for their belongings to be checked and for their body to be frisked when entering a mall! That's how inept the law enforcement is in the country where crimes are rampant on the streets and inside the malls. And believe it or not, the Philippines is the only country... Continue Reading →

Is the Filipino Worth Dying For?

Today, the Philippines is celebrating a National Holiday called the Ninoy Aquino Day. Ninoy was a historic figure whose death served as a catalyst that launched the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 deposing the dictatorial leadership of then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was the 10th president of the Philippines who ruled the... Continue Reading →

Monster Car…

Sometimes I wish that I have this kind of a monster machine as a car every time I drive in Manila's worsening traffic situation... Where buses and jeepneys load and unload passengers right in the middle of the road, where undisciplined motorists overtake in a "no overtake road", block the intersection, and counterflow where it... Continue Reading →

What a Thirld World Country Is…

The Philippines, with about 75% of its population living below poverty level, is a nation of moral irony. A nation where those in power strive hard to appear religious while stealing from the nation's coffers, where Christians go to church but have no genuine concern on other people's welfare, where Pastors bleed through tithes the... Continue Reading →

The Roadster’s Convenience Store…

Stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic? No problem, you can buy snacks and soft drinks without leaving your car in one of the roadside convenience stores scattered everywhere in Metro Manila. And there's more... You can actually "reuse" the bottle! Why not? It's a mobile urinal just in case the humongous traffic will not let you... Continue Reading →

A Nation of Anarchists

The Philippines... A nation where road anarchy is a norm! A nation where traffic laws do not apply. A nation where educated motorists with PhDs and master's degree, executives and managers, act like those people they sarcastically call illiterate and lawless! Who among you are like them?

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