Ensaladang Hilaw na Mangga (Green Manggo Salad with Tomato, Onion, and Krill Paste)

My favorite salad? Of course it's our local ensaladang Mangga with Bagoong and a small bowl of super hot siling labuyo! The ensaladang Mangga with Bagoong has only four ingredients: green mango, tomatoes, and onions all fresh cut into pieces. Bagoong (a fermented concoction of krill paste) serves as the sauce and the siling labuyo... Continue Reading →

“Bulalo at Patis na may Siling Labuyo”

I had a great game of golf earlier today... I won by just one stroke resulting to a free lunch of "bulalo" (beef stew with bone marrow). And of course, I cannot enjoy eating the free bulalo lunch without "patis" (local fish sauce) with several grams of "siling labuyo" (Philippine chili pepper with a hotness... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Music in Donuts!

Why do we call it a "donut"? Why not call it... ... A REnut? ... A MInut? ... A FAnut ... A SOLnut? ... A LAnut? ... A TInut? Better yet, let's call it DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI-DOnut!

A Vegan’s Paradise…

Is chili pepper, tomato, and eggplant a fruit or a vegetable? Why was the eggplant called an "eggplant", it doesn't look like an egg, if you'll ask me. It looks more like a hotdog... I think it should be called "hotdogplant"!

Coconut Wine…!

The Christmas cheer is here; Let's sit down and grab some beer; Some like wine, whisky, or rum; Toast and drink till we get numb! Coconut wine and coconut wine making is very popular in the Philippines and lots of folks frequently describe coconut wine as "tuba". It consists of pure sap, with no bark... Continue Reading →

What is porn to you?

Want some porn that your eyes can look at? Try the sizzling hot seafood gambas! Maybe you would savor a tanned flesh instead... The char-grilled tuna belly!

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