To flash or not to flash…

To flash or not to flash; that is the question! Whether you want it bright or full of shadows; Joyful to see or feel the sorrows; Blinded by the light until tomorrow; Aye, to flash or not to flash; that is the question!

What do you see?

This is a stereogram meant to show a 3D image... Only a few can quickly adjust their eyes to see the hidden 3D image while others will never see it at all regardless of how hard they try it. Good luck, my friends... Just let me know if you saw what I've seen! 🙂

The Ultimate Commune…

... Is to meditate while sitting on a rock and breathing the ocean air with the sea and the sky in plain view. The setting sun on top of your head makes one wonder how awesome our planet really is! Photo courtesy of a friend, Olga Uy. Her daughter, Abby Uy, is the girl in... Continue Reading →

What are these…?

I dropped by my favorite carwash kiosk yesterday to have my car washed (... Of course, Hehehe!) and I saw this bottle with "flowers" inside soaked in a liquid. I asked the receptionist what are these. Unfortunately, she also doesn't know. I am not sure whether these are real flowers or just imitations. And I... Continue Reading →

The Glove Compartment… The what???

Yes, every car has this so called "glove compartment" located beneath the dashboard and by the way it is called, that's where you should put your gloves, right? No...! Most glove compartments I see do not have any gloves in them at all. What I often see are combs, hair brushes, shavers, chargers and cables,... Continue Reading →

Cassette Tape… Is that adhesive?

9 out of 10 teenagers and kids alike don't know what a cassette tape is. Most of them thought that it was just another type of adhesive tape. Showing them an "antique" audio storage media like this one is like showing them a VHS cassette or a Betamax cassette which both became extinct in the... Continue Reading →

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