For Mother Earth…

The unseen sparkle that lies beneath Within the din, emotions unsheathe The petals of decaying flora And the howls of the dying fauna As my spine slowly starts to shiver A strange vision blurred like a sliver The grim reaper's dark shadows appear Bodies turning cold, teary eyes in fear

Smart Infinity Golf Classic, Feb. 15, 2016

I'll be taking an "internet" break today and will not be able to visit the blogs I am following... Will be enjoying the annual Smart Infinity Golf Classic at Sta. Elena Gof Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 🙂 Have a great Monday, everyone!

My Iron Swing…!

This was my golf swing before way back in 2013 (a 4 second video only). Looking back to how I was swinging then, I was "overswinging" my arms and had that habit of bending my left arm a bit, which is a "no-no" in golf. No worries, I had already corrected my golf swing since.... Continue Reading →

Who needs critical thinkers?

Most of the politicians and some religious leaders don't want people to be critical-thinkers, they are afraid of people who thinks critically. This kind of people will make them obsolete and extinct! "Let's make them poor and make them work so hard in their entire lives so that the only thing that matters to them... Continue Reading →

The Urban Poor of Manila…

What life really is for a fifth of Metro Manila's population. Is the Conditional Cash Transfer program of the current administration really benefitting the urban poor? Or is it just being transferred to the pockets of those people called the "honorables"?

Accepting the Inevitable!

I have now accepted the inevitable... Some people, whatever their education may be, are just plain inconsiderate. As you can see, there's a straight white line which means, no overtaking and obviously, no counterflowing. These drivers don't have a single idea that they're the ones causing the traffic effectively blocking the incoming traffic on the... Continue Reading →

What does UV stand for?

I guess some of you may be wondering what UV means in "UV Express Service". Here's the deal, the " UV Express Service " is one of the passenger services in Manila carrying you straight from one point to another point with no stops. It can usually carry around 15 to 18 passengers all crammed... Continue Reading →

Managing Washouts in your Photos…

I may be getting too technical about this but I just want to share to you, good folks, something that will make your photos more pleasing by reducing or totally avoiding that nasty "washouts" when you take a picture. In photography and the way I define it, "washouts" is related to that annoying "bright" background... Continue Reading →

The Leaves of Babel…

I dedicate this image to those devastated by the snow storms in North America, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. As one leaf dies, another shall grow anew to bring forth hope Life may be full of struggle and yet, it is worth living for Like a tree that may soon be barren of... Continue Reading →

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