The Three Monkeys!

​In the Philippines, it is now somewhat “dangerous” to be unknowingly associated with someone who is into illegal drugs. To be safe, refrain from being with or having a picture with people you don’t really know, including high profile personalities like mayors, councilors, congressmen, and even generals and showbiz celebrities who could eventually be named or accused as involved in illegal drugs.

We now have a new adage, “Hear no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, see no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs, and speak no people assumed to be involved in illegal drugs!” Otherwise, you’ll might end up as a “collateral damage”!

The bad side of being killed nowadays is that, majority of the Filipinos, specially those avidly supporting the new president, will immediately judge that you’re into illegal drugs even though you are not! We have a new justice system, it is called “presumption of guilt: guilty until proven innocent”!

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  1. If the crime statistics are true, we are living in extra-ordinary times. Extra-ordinary circumstances demand extra-ordinary actions. In principle “guilty until proven innocent” is never good, but for practical considerations, in order to deal adequately with an emergency, we have to discard civilized niceties to save a burning house.

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    1. Thanks for your input, Marlon. It sometimes makes sense to discard civilized niceties specially if there’s a war or rebellion. But in my opinion, civilized niceties are one of those things that separate us from animals and stone age men. Without these, societu will go insane.


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