The Future of Mobile Photography

The future of smartphone cameras… The Dual Camera Setup!

This year will be a plethora of smartphones sporting a dual camera setup. This will be the future of mobile photography. LG and Huawei were the first to incorporate a dual camera system on their smartphones early this year and before the end of the 3rd quarter, iPhone 7 Plus and Note 7 will also have the same feature as rumored in most technology websites. For Note lovers (like me), Samsung was rumored to be skipping Note 6 to align its flagship Note phablet to its S model.

What is a dual camera setup and what are its benefits?

A dual camera setup incorporates two prime lenses at the back of your phone. One lens will usually have a monochrome sensor and the other lens, a color sensor, which can capture three to five times the light of a single setup camera. The result, better sharpness and clarity even in dark conditions. It is rumored that Note 7 will have a whooping 1.4 aperture for its dual camera setup.

The battle for mobile photography is now afoot!

Photo courtesy of Phone Arena

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      1. We shall see. I just replaced my ruined iPhone 6 Plus with an iPhone SE which I actually like better. It’s exactly the same internal components except for one option I never used. So, I ended up with a smaller phone I actually like better.

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