Watch-face Anyone?

I always find new and emerging but practical technologies interesting.

… Watching the ’60s “Star Trek” TV series on Netflix with their imaginary handheld communicator, like the blue-tooth headsets that we have today, and that handheld large tablet they carry around which seemed impossible during that period, made me realize that everything can be made possible in time.

I am very fond of wearable technology. I have the Samsung Gear 2 Neo under Tizen technology which I hacked to operate using Android Wear and a Sony Smartwatch 2 and Smartwatch 3 which is now using the Android Wear.

Android Wear allows me to completely customize my watch-face using WatchMaker which you can buy at Google Play. And of course, being a techie-freak, I designed and created several custom Android Wear watch-faces and downloaded these watch-faces at FaceRepo (a repository of watch faces for Android Wear and Apple Watch provided by the community free of charge) to share my creation to the rest of the world who are also fond of using wearable technology like me. My FaceRepo ID is “SilingLabuyo“.

If you do have a smartwatch and have something in mind which you want to be your watch-face, just let me know… I’ll create it for you for free! Just a credit in your blog site or in any of your social media sites will do! πŸ™‚

My Watch-face Creations

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      1. Di ako nanonood nyan sir hahahaha..una wala akong pinoy channel at pangalawa mabagal net. Pero kung mabilis net dito di ko pa rin yan papanoori…. mas manonood na lang ako ng One Piece o kaya Korean drama hahahaha

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