My Own Black Pearl Ship…!

I assembled ’tis scurvy pirate ship, me buckos… took me ’bout a week to complete it. ’tis actually made ‘o tin ‘n rather really difficult to assemble. Come on th’ poop deck, let’s be off to th’ edge ‘o th’ earth!

34 thoughts on “My Own Black Pearl Ship…!

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  1. Ahoy thar, OMPONG!
    Welcome back! ’tis be a while since ye last posted! woe everythin’ be fine wit’ ye.
    That’s a nice lookin’ black scurvy pirate ship ye got thar.
    Have a g’nightfall ‘n sweet dreams.

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    1. Thank ye, me bucko… be stuck in an island buryin’ me treasure. Jolly that I be back again takin’ pictures ‘n shoutin’ to ye all jolly people! 😃


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