Some of you might be curious why some of your friends are posting this number or why this number is almost all over the social media.

It is a slang word for marijuana (or mary jane as some may call it). It was believed that marijuana’s “magic” was discovered on April 20. The kids of yester-years who get their high on marijuana used the number “420” as a code to hide what their doing from their parents.

To those who get their kick from it, they celebrate April 20 and call it as “420 Day”!

Photo source: expertjoints.com

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  2. love this post! a lot of people really don’t know what 420 is. I type this as I stare at the cannabis leaf on my shirt reflecting on the PC. hahahaha. check out my blog! hope you like it. can’t wait to read more of your posts.

    Nat xx

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  3. I read somewhere sometine it has medical benefits as well. Don’t remember what, exactly. For calming ADHD, I think… almost pretty sure! And some kind of painkiller? Supposed to be much less dangerous than ordinary pharmaca.

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