A Riddle: Why do women buy exercise machines which they won’t use anyway?

My wife bought this treadmill and elliptical exercise machine about two years ago. And you know what, it has been sitting in our balcony for the past two years and she only used it twice. That’s only once every year on the average.

I think I’ll gonna have to sell this on eBay… And tag it as “Almost Brand New, Only Used Twice”!


46 thoughts on “A Riddle: Why do women buy exercise machines which they won’t use anyway?

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  1. I have to admit I have a very nice elliptical sitting in my bedroom collecting dust on it. I had every intention to use it when I bought it last year and of course, didn’t get to it. Women have every good intention of losing weight and getting in shape however we always find something that is more important in our life that out ranks the time needed to get our exercise clothes on, our music and the next 30 mins of working out lol.

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  2. I have to admit, even my own machines I started off with a bang – then slowed to a crawl. All of a sudden I got into gear and now use the bike and treadmill every day. All that down-time, I knew I should be exercising, but just didn’t have the gumption – it took a shock – like getting on my new doctor’s scale!!!!!!

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      1. Yes I am, plus a total change in diet and I’ve gradually lost 15 ilbs. I’ve changed my frig to hold 6 mini-meals a day and I’m lovin’ it!!!!

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