The Fruits of Labor…

Literally, the fruits of labor! Name all the fruits in the photos and you’ll receive a one year supply of mangoes on my account… Of course, they will be inside a photo! Were you expecting real mangoes? 🙂

I apologize for not posting or viewing your blogs consistently nowadays. I’m out of town on vacation due to the long weekend here in the Philippines and services of the telco carriers in a third-world country like mine are really awful outside of the cities … It was the 30th anniversary of the country’s EDSA People Power Revolution last February 25 (Thursday).

Wishing you all the best Friday night and a great weekend!


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    1. It was the dark ages in the Philippines during his time… People brave enough to talk about how he ran the government become missing. No one knows what happened to them. If he is still our president, I’ll probably be dead just by writing this comment.


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