I need a second opinion!

My doctor advised me to take Centrum SILVER, vitamins for 50 years of age and up, instead of the Centrum that I usually take since decades ago. I feel like I’m in the 30s and I bet you, I can still perform like a 30 year old… No violent reactions please!

But my doctor keeps on reminding me that I’m 50! I gotta get a second opinion and ditch this witch doctor out of my life!


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    1. Hahaha! The fountain of youth…! But seriously, you’re right! Drug companies are in it for wealth. Sometimes, for example, it doesn’t make sense to take vitamins specially if one eats a lot, like me. I don’t see why this was invented in the first place as a daily consumer intake!

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  1. Nothing wrong with vitamins and minerals per se. But better get them from your (healthy) food, not as pills from any doctor. At least not if your doctors in your land are us unknowingly in these matters as ours. One here thought the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency was depression and wanted to give me some kind of psycho farmaca. Lyrica was it, I remember now.
    And what ever you do! Don’t trust drog companies! They don’t want us to be healthy! They want to earn money!

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    1. Exactly, drug companies are in it for wealth, not health. They spend a lot of money promoting their products and advise their “doctors” to recommend it even if we don’t really need it! It’s really a “material world”!

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  2. I took them for a while. I do take some vitamins because I’ve been a vegan for a bit. I did give these up though. They say if you eat well you can get many vitamins, but you can’t get the correct amount we need. If you are feeling well, then normally your body tells you what you are craving. I think most vitamins are probably not really that helpful, but I still do take them…not in the amounts they suggest though! πŸ™‚ They certainly can’t hurt!!

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      1. You know, I guess they don’t hurt but it is very hard to find research on the effectiveness of these pills. If you find anything let me know. I will do the same. It is a topic that interests me. I took these for quite some time in the past.

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      2. As fate would have it, I found “Reverse The Aging Process Naturally” by Gary Null at my Library book sale for 33 cents so I had to pick it up! Maybe it is trying to tell me something!

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  3. If it ain’t broke, don’t medicate it. If you feel great, enjoy it.

    But if you do go down the vitamins road, know this: Doctors recommend name brands because they are paid to do so by those companies in all sorts of sneaky ways. Instead, take a photo of the nutrients and ingredients list, find a cheaper version of that list, and save 100% – 1000%. It’s the same stuff in there by law; a generic brand isn’t giving you generic vitamin C, just less overpriced vitamin C.

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