Why playing golf can hurt you…!

Playing golf is one of my passions. And playing in tournaments has its own merits even if you don’t win.

But I’ll probably have one of my golf clubs replaced… It will surely be broken or messed up after my wife hit my head with it if she saw these photos! Ouch!




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  1. Okay! She is beautiful. Even I can see that. But if your wife gets angry, she can’t see what I also see. That girl is just posing. She can’t even stand naturally. It looks rather silly, actually. But she is certainly no threat at all. And you’re just standing there, smiling. Looking good. Is she a hostess of some kind?

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    1. Hahaha! I’m only just joking about my wife hitting me with a club. She already saw the pictures. 🙂
      She’s actually a freelance model contracted by the golf sponsor. 🙂


      1. I’m sure you and your wife love and trust eachother. And about the model – quite obvious she is a model, silly standing – I’ll only say: different countries, different manners!

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      2. Thanks, ninna… It is a camera which looked like a classic camera but is digital and delivers a photograph on paper, like the old polaroid cams.


  2. The lady beside you is really a head turner. My jaw dropped after seeing the picture. But for sure you wife will not be upset, because your mere intention was just to take picture. (Am I right? haha) And besides, hindi naman po kau umakbay sa kanya.

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      1. naalala ko Sir…minsan sinama ako sa Golf Course ng ex boss ko para mamigay ng tubig ha ha ha (dahil host yung hotel namin sa golf event na yun at dahil no choice na sya kaya ako na lang ung sinama)…though hindi ako kasing bebot nyang katabi nyo…kaya nagtago lang ako sa likod ng malaking payong 😀

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      2. ha ha ha anyway…wag na po nating pag usapan ang kadepress depress na kalagayan ng aking buhok haha

        Parang may bagay na theme song sa post nyong ito…

        Too much golf (love) will kill you – Queen

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