Who needs critical thinkers?

Most of the politicians and some religious leaders don’t want people to be critical-thinkers, they are afraid of people who thinks critically. This kind of people will make them obsolete and extinct!

“Let’s make them poor and make them work so hard in their entire lives so that the only thing that matters to them is what we feed in their minds. They shouldn’t be thinking at all for the sake of the whole, they should be thinking only what we want them to think…!” I believe this is what’s in their mind!


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    1. You’re absolutely correct ninna… People are so “brainwashed” that they thought they’re thinking for themselves but is not. Those thoughts were “nailed” in their minds since childhood.


      1. I think this has much to do with how “evolved” you are spiritually. When you start to see the hypocrisy and such of all man-made religions and churches, but yet feel in your heart there is something else, something more, something better – true love – you start to search for the truth. The real truth!

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  1. I’m a critical thinker. I asked people around me when we were having an election here in Canada who they were voting for and they said Mr. X who was ruining the country and we were headed for a facist or communistic country. I told them this and they did not know what a facist was. I could not believe it. A sheople as I call them nothing but bloody sheople that can’t think for themselves. They need a good kick in the ass.

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      1. Ompong,
        I would not believe the Bible if I didn’t know I can trust it’s literary and verifiable accuracy. More ancient manuscripts exist for the old and new testaments than any other documents ever written. (5,000 range). In almost any translation you can see footnotes that explain in detail any discrepancies or possible omissions, additions.
        We know the Bible is accurate to an extremely high degree.

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      2. I understand… 😉
        My Hindu friends also said the same thing for their Vedas and the Mahabharata believed to be a historical diary of their gods’ exploits. My Muslim friends also said the same thing coincidentally about the truthness of their Quran. And the Jews shared your beliefs but limited to their Torah. 🙂

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      3. I cannot make a comment on that as I don’t want to offend my Muslim friends the same way I don’t want to offend my Hindu and Christian friends. I know you’ll understand… 🙂

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      4. Ompong,
        You find this interesting.
        Rome was sacked by Muslims in 846 AD during the great conquests of Islam after the time of Mohammed.

        During the 8th and 9th centuries, the Muslim Arabs (then called Saracens in Europe) were rapaciously invading Christendom through Southern Italy which they succeeded in conquering by fire, murder, rapine and the sword. Sailing from newly acquired bases in North Africa which they had just stolen from the Christians of the Eastern Roman Empire, the had conquered Sicily and were now bent upon seizing the rest of the peninsula.

        They had earlier been rebuffed in France in 732 by King Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne, but they had got as far as Tours in Nothern France. King Charles was the first to halt their seemingly inexorable advance. Thereafter they retired to Spain and parts of Southern France and settled. They retained their hold on what had once been Catholic Visigothic Spain for the next 800 years! They were not finally ejected from Christian Spain until 1491 by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

        Under Pope Paschal I (817-824), the relics of the holy martyrs were concealed in the walls of the city of Rome. When Rome was sacked, Paschal’s careful precautions did not prevent the wholesale spoliation and robbery of Basilica of Saint Peter itself, nor, indeed, of San Paolo fuori le Mura (St Paul’s outside the Walls), because they both lay outside the walls of the city of Rome.

        Later, a second wall was constructed on the other side of the Tiber from the main city area. It was constructed by order of Pope Leo IV and so this enclosure was called the Leonine City.

        The Islamic conquest and domination of Sicily, as well as parts of southern Italy began in the 7th century after the foundation of Islam and the attempt by the Muslim leaders to conquer the world.

        By Koranic tradition, Islam makes its attempts to re-conquer the world in the 7th or 8th decade of every century and does not stop until it is halted by force. When stopped it generally lies low until the 7th or 8th decade of the next century when it then makes another attempt at world domination.

        How, then, can it call itself a religion of peace? It does so because it means by peace the eventual peace that will, it says, be the consequence of the conquest of the world for Islam. In the meantime, however, it is war.

        (Retrieved from, http://www.romanchristiandom.blogspot.com)

        The Battle of Tours France is said to be the most important battle ever won for the sake of civilization


      5. Yup, there’s a lot of battles and invasions similar to this one. Come to think of it, the Israelites also did the same to invade the promised land. We (Philippines) were invaded by the spaniards in the 1500s and all of the tribes who did not convert were either killed or banised to the Southlands. The conquistadors also did the same in southern America annihilating the nation of the Incas, Mayas, and the Aztecs. I believe these things happened to all regardless of race and creed.

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