My 10 year old Fossilized Gadget!

Remember those days when we were having fun playing the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)? I got my Sony PSP 2000 in early 2006 and I also bought two PSP 2000 for my son and daughter during that year. It was great playing the “Call of Duty” multi-player with my kids during those time.

I remember my son throwing a grenade killing my soldier and at the same time, killing his soldier as well. But he got a point by doing it and I got none. Darn!

The Sony PSP became obsolete with the advent of smartphones and tablets having game apps in them. PSP is no longer a nice-to-have portable gaming device and like the portable Nintendo game station, the gaming industry had made them “dinosaurs” annihilated by the free game apps you can install into your smartphones and tablets.

I guess I’ll have to keep mine and care for it indefinitely. Good thing I had a PSP CapDase Alumor Metal armor protecting it. By the way, I still have the original box of my PSP. It could become a collector’s item in the distant future… The Pawn Stars and the Pickers might buy it for a decent amount. I can also sell it on e-Bay, just in case. Will the Storage War be interested in it as well?

We may never know…!



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  1. There will always be a market for these older game systems, Ompong. My son collects some of them, has several old systems in his gaming room. In ten years I bet you’ll command a solid price for the item you show here. My gaming experience ended in the late 90’s. Gaming never grabbed my attention.

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    1. I’m going 51 this year but I still love playing games…. And my favorite is the “Thief” series. Hehehe!
      That’s quite an expensive hobby your son have… But it is an investment I suppose. We really don’t know how it will be looked at another 10 or so years.


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