My Brother and I…

My brother and I share a common interest in almost everything… How we both liked playing in our own band with him as the lead guitar and I as the drummer. We also have similar taste on music genre, which is of course, rock and new wave songs. We also like to drink the same brand of liquors and have the same food that go along with it. There are so many things in common in us that it’ll take one whole day to list it all.

I used to blog using Facebook as my medium and he introduced me to a site where I can do my blogging instead. He is also a blogger by heart and as you might have guessed before hand, he is also a photographer himself.

We share the same passion of looking at photography not only as a hobby but as a visual art that speaks for itself. And this is where we made some sort of an unspoken arrangement… I’ll be using Canon while he, on the other hand, will be using Nikon for us to see both worlds which these two DSLR-producing giants have to offer.

Drop by at his photo blog at My Streets PH and his news blog at Emong’s Journal and I assure you, you will also like it the same way you liked my photo blog and my highly opinionated blog at Ika nga ni Ompong.



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      1. actually me too dear Ompong. Sometimes it’s been so funny or so childish, as if there is a great competition! They are proud of with their Nikon camera, but I am proud of with my Canon too and this doesn’t mean that Nikon is not good. It is one of amazing names too. Anyway Funny. You should see their looking when they notice us, Mr. Can and Me πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve known you both for almost 32 years.. And I’m so proud honestly ha… No joke hehehe. So proud to be your friend. Hope I’m your friend too hehe.
    Just continue your hobbies.. Whatever it is or what more to give. Especially…Photography cause it’s great and Wow! Amazing! Hehe
    Looking forward for more.

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