Walk or Not to Walk, That is the Question!


You can walk for an hour to reach your destination but you have to bear the heat and humidity under the sizzling Asian sun or;

You can bring your car and travel the same distance for three hours and in case you have to answer a call of nature, you have to use your empty plastic bottle as an improvised toilet.

Which one would you choose? To Walk or not to walk, that is the question!


28 thoughts on “Walk or Not to Walk, That is the Question!

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  1. 3 hours in a car and you had to pee. If you are well endowed then who would give a shite. But then if you half to do that you could always leave your car in traffic and go to the nearest restaurant. Do I have to solve everyone’s problem on WordPress. Sheesh! lmao

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    1. Bring a lot of deodorant… And make sure you have a “gas mask” and some survival kit with you. Zombies posing as human beings are out there to rob you of your wallet and anything you have that can be sold in the black market! Hehehe!

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