The Filipino Daredevils…!

Imagine this, you are driving along a major road in the Metro and then suddenly, a jaywalker darted in front of you missing him by a few inches on a road where there shouldn’t be any pedestrian crossing the street in the first place!

But we, Filipinos, are known as the most bravest people in the world. We are Daredevils!

We pride ourselves of having fearless pilots flying second-hand military airplanes made almost a hundred years ago. We have motorbike riders running at more than 60kph wearing no helmets. We have glass cleaners hanging on the 30th floor of a building with very low safety standards. We have construction workers with no hard hats or safety gears. We have kids on the back of our cars wearing no seat belts when cruising at neck-breaking speeds on our expressways. I could fill up the entire volumes of Encyclopedia Brittanica just to show-off how brave and fearless we Filipinos are.


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