About the Picture Styles…!

Most of the DSLRs we have today have preset picture styles. For example, Canon has 6 preset styles that you can use in your photo shooting and 3 user defined styles using the preset picture styles as the base where you can modify the preset’s Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, and Color Tone.


Canon's preset Picture Styles

But wait… There’s more! Did you know that Canon has several extended functions that you can use as your picture style which provide you more style options?


Canon's extended Picture Styles

I’m an Urban Cowboy photographer… I usually compose my photographs in the city while driving. Of course, you have the city smog all around resulting to some haze and that “frightful” dead spots where the buildings’ shadows fall darkening your composition.

Using Canon’s utility desktop software, I uploaded the extended picture styles into my gear. I’ve tested each of the Picture Styles and found two extended Picture Styles to my liking.

My favorite Picture Styles!

For street photography where I do most of my photoshoots inside my car while in a traffic jam, I normally choose the “CLEAR” setting. “The “CLEAR” Picture Style file emphasizes the contrast, and expresses the subject clearly and a three-dimensional effect. It is also effective when shooting a subject behind a glass.”

For portrait shots, I use the “P-STUDIO” setting which “Expresses the delicate features of the subject and translucent skin in smooth tones. Suitable for portraits in locations affording strong contrast, and wedding/fashion shoots where the feel of the fabric and jewelry should be expressed, as well as advertising shots. The final finish is slightly toned down in terms of sharpness and contrast.”

Text and Photo Sources: Canon Special Picture Style Site

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