Would you drink what he will serve to you…?



I don’t mind having a half-naked person serving me a coconut “juice drink” who pays taxes and works hard for everything he earns under the searing heat of a mid-day sun amidst the smoke belching buses and dyipnis.

Compared to those people doing nothing (and yet, have almost everything) wearing expensive “Barong Tagalogs” sitting in a luxurious airconditioned government offices indirectly paid by this half-naked coconut vendor, I’d rather have a nice simple drink of coco juice from an honest hard-working person rather than have a sumptuous meal in an exclusive five star hotel offered by a person who uses the taxpayer’s money for their own personal gain!

24 thoughts on “Would you drink what he will serve to you…?

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    1. Exactly… Some of those who are bourgeois or feeling “elitist” shy away from this kind of street food. I find it refreshing and really don’t care whoever prepared it. It’s only about $0.25 a piece. πŸ™‚


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