The She-Tree!

Along the sidewalk of the Mandarin Hotel facing Paseo De Roxas in Makati’s financial district, a tree has caught my eye. Depending from which angle you are looking at the tree, it will appear that this tree is mimicking a woman with one of her arms stretched towards the sky.

Did this tree peeked inside one of the rooms of the hotel where a woman was staying and it copied what it saw? Or was it just a random growth of the tree’s branches making it look like a woman with an outstretched arms?

Another shocking theory is that this tree was a woman before and an ancient god of the indigenous Filipinos called “Bathala” turned her into a tree while she was stretching out her hands in a solemn prayer to a foreign god who was preached by an invading nation… This one’s on me as I cannot think of anything why this tree looked like what it is!


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