Sunrise Near Bondi Beach

These are great sunrise shots which I can’t resist not to share… 🙂

Stupidity Hole

Here are the photos I took of the sunrise on Saturday.

I don’t know what moods these images invoke.

I think that they are, to an extent, calming and atmospheric.
I also think that, whilst they are not amazing, they do capture an amazing moment.

I am happy with them, but also restless as I want to see if I can get better shots.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the intensity of the light just when the sunrises and the sun still on the horizon. I know justice is not done and that seeing it in real life is just beautiful. I’m sure this is the light at play but there appears to be a rainbow in photo 11, 12. Number 12 you can see it it is over the sun

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