Pinay Mestisa…

Nowadays, there are no more pure blooded Filipinos. The winner of Miss Universe, our very own Miss Philippines, is a half-blood German and a Filipina being born in Germany with a German father, of course, and a Filipina mother. Technically, she is not a citizen of the Philippines but is a Phil-German.

I’m also half-blood with my father’s side being Chinese and my mother with a mix of Spanish descent. Even my officemates are “mestisos or mestisas”, half-breeds with facial features that are no longer distinctively Filipino. Take for example my colleague, she is a Filipina but you may also find her somewhat having a Caucasian face. I see her like a British girl… Minus the accent. πŸ™‚

Just to sum it up, we are all “earthlings” regardless of race and creed. That’s what I call being “global”… Gone are the days when one is isolated and could be called as “pure blood”. Only vampires born as vampires are pure blood!


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  1. This is very true. My nieces and nephews now make us a true melting pot here in the U.S. We are all human beings with the same insides. Time to end the war and persecutions. Let’s just look at what we have in common and focus on that. Look at the blogs, Facebook, music, art and such – your race, ethnicity, religion do not matter. If we like something we like it without even knowing any personal traits or characteristics. Just look at little children playing – they just want to play and laugh, nothing else matters. It isn’t until someone brainwashes them that they begin to see with tainted vision. Very nice post!!

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  2. Which just proves wars between factions are rather stupid nowadays. Which also proves it’s usually (underneath) about something else entirely! What a lovely photo you took btw.

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    1. I believe the Miss U organization have this “legal” term called the “jus soli” I think which recognizes the mother:s natural born citizenship. In fact, I think the Miss U org will also be allowing ‘transgenders” next year.


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