Let’s Go to War… War! War! War!

Why is war good for the economy? (A skeptic’s humor unleashed!)

1. It generates employment! Countries at war needs more soldiers. They need more workers to manufacture munitions. Thousands of body bags do not matter, they get employed! Employment matters! Of course, the defense industry is all smiles with pre-orders from warring countries… And their executives are already planning for expansion and how much their huge bonuses will be!

2. Oil price increases! And that’s good business for the Gulf States who are members of the OPEC. They can build more elegant tourist spots and top of the line airports. And again, the construction of these facilities require manpower. That’s another employment opportunities for overseas workers!

3. Price increase of basic commodities! Oh boy, this is the sweetest gain from war. Businessmen will have a heyday counting their profits and giving dividends to the stockholders. Of course, the stockholders will be very happy receiving cash dividends which will result to an increase in consumer spending. Never mind those unfortunate populace who are dying from starvation… Look at it positively, the economy is booming! What more can you ask?

What are we waiting for? Let’s go to war! The hell with “world peace”… That’s for the poor!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Go to War… War! War! War!

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  1. Yes, imaginary boundaries! We’re dimly sparkling specks on a partly illuminated spherical orb rotating endlessly and revolving around our light source along with a few other orbs in a tiny group that itself moves through space with countless other groups, moving, moving, swirling, swirling. Yes! Imaginary boundaries.

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      1. It will not be always that if another war starts. Theaters of wars will change depending who is getting conquered. Most world wars has a 4 year shelf life. My point was what if your children got bombed in a war. Phillipines can get conquered as with any other nations. You can’t rely upon history theaters of wars which will dictate the next. Be well my friend. I certainly wouldn’t want anybody experience a war. They are not pretty with food being scarce not to mention a whole list of things people don’t think about.

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