3D Puzzle: Ford T (1908)

One of the things I like to do during my spare time at home is to solve 3D puzzles, aside from solving the Rubik’s Cube and Sudoku, drawing and sketching, and playing the guitar and drums.

So, I bought a 3D puzzle by Scholas for ages 8+. I’m 8+, in fact I’m past 8×6 so I’m technically eligible to solve this puzzle in terms of age. It didn’t say any age limit, by the way, and there’s no law against an aging guy like me playing with toys for 8+.

Anyway, let’s move out of this “age” thing as age does not matter for a young at heart guy like me… And let me show you what I finally came up with out of the 36 pieces of jigsaws that need to be assembled together…

A Ford T year 1908!
... And this is the other side of my Ford T!



... Front view!
... The engine inside the hood!
... Rear view!
... Top view!
... The underside!
... And to see its actual size scaled with my wristwatch!

10 thoughts on “3D Puzzle: Ford T (1908)

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  1. Looks and looks! (I’ve read the other comments…)
    I like the look of that Ford and I like the look of your blog (nice to see this theme in action)
    and now I’ll stop saying anything more on the looks-topic… hehe…

    But apropos childish… I like animated movies, Pixlar, Disney, and others.
    There is for example this animated Pinocchio-movie, almost like drawn with crayons and/or watercolors, italian, from 2012 directed by Enzo Dalò, witch is quite amazing!!!

    But Shark Tales is also good… and Brave… and Frozen… and…

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